IndraTrek – Who We Are

IndraTrek was born in 2006 as an information site dealing with trekking and slow travel (see the article on how everything started).
We committed throughout the years in sharing all the available material, obtained from both experience in the field and from all our contacts around the world, with the goal to bring to the attention of whoever is interested information and updates about our passions: travelling, mountains and treks in the Central Appenninis territory.


Since last year, after a quite long period of “still-life”, the website has renewed and restricted its boundaries to Central Asia, India and China for travelling, and to the Appenninis in Umbria and Marche as far as treks. We also created a Blog as an add-on to the old pages where we have have tried in a more modern and leaner way to continue and integrate the work that has always been the foundation of the original idea of our project. The experiment worked well until just a few weeks ago the restyled theme actually replaced the “old site”.

We still are an informational site. We do not claim to be a professional travel agency, and we do not even want to create a repository of GPS tracks since out there exist already many specific sites with more skills and resources. Our true goal is to create sparkles, make people curious and push them to know more, so that more and more they can follow stimulating and yet safe tracks.

In order to do that we try itineraries mostly in our region, the Marche, and its neighbour Umbria, we study their history and geography, we try to know as much as possible the people and the culture we meet along the path, trying to share all we learn to make our region appreciated to whoever still does not know it for all it can offer.
We also try to see our territory in the most open way towards anyone sharing our passion, and every week we publish a post with all the trekking proposals from the most important professional organizations in the area so that everyone can have a centralized source of information. Moreover we will highlight the most interesting training courses especially from the local CAI sections, to be able to practice mountain outdoor activities (climbing, skiing, hiking, etc.) in the most aware and secure way.

At the same time we travel, trying to cooperate locally with people like us, who can help and guide in the true discovery of a country, and with whom we can establish a long lasting trusting relationship.
When we cannot experiment in person new travel experiences (as unfortunately is happening in the last few years..) we try to point out the most interesting trips and itineraries proposed by our reference agencies and organizations, together with any additional media or information (books, websites, music, events, etc.) available on a specific destination or subject.

The old Indratrek site is always and nostalgically online, waiting to be finally integrated within the new project. In order to provide more visibility on information that can still be helpful and current, we have copied the travel diaries on new pages (never translated from Italian though), including the treks in Nepal and Mont Blanc.

Everybody will be welcome to cooperate with us with articles or any other material, sending an email to with their personal information or cna directly register at this link (by registering you will automatically be notified at any new post).

You can travel far to give shape to your imagination, and to discover what cannot be found in your homeland.
You can travel much closer to realize how much is already around you, and how often it is enough to get out of your dailies and discover yourself in a whole different world.
IndraTrek 2006